18 Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Wrong

18 Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Wrong

According to #6, we need a new plunger!


New on Ebay 08/26/2013

New on Ebay 08/26/2013

* Women’s Columbia coat size medium
* Sony PS1 slim console and games
* 3D Puzzle alpine castle
* Women’s jeans Silver 31 x 32 and Lucky 8 Long
* Men’s jeans Levi’s Silvertab 34 x 34
* Halloween costumes: Dorothy, tavern lady, and a vintage dress with feather trim

Things That Didn’t Exist 30 Years Ago

Things That Didn’t Exist 30 Years Ago

Thirty years ago, I was a college student and piano teacher.  I majored in Business, but didn’t really have a plan beyond college.  I taught piano for 15 years and then was a medical transcriptionist for 15 years.  Now as an online business owner, I use many of the things on this list on a daily basis.  I am so thankful for the Internet, Amazon, Ebay, Google, Facebook, cell phones, and digital cameras! 

New on Ebay 08/19/2013

New on Ebay 08/19/2013

New listings on Ebay include:
* Vintage games Which Witch and Sherlock Holmes
* Youth Columbia winter coat 7/8
* NEW Women’s Adidas basketball shoes 11
* John Deere mugs and plush cows
* Costumes – Cinderella, dalmatian, pirate, sheriff
* Vintage purple lace dress 7/8
* Tupperware
* Ralph Lauren baby boy shoes
* Men’s shirts Ralph Lauren
* Women’s shirts – Christopher & Banks, LL Bean, Banana Republic, Talbots, Eddie Bauer, Rebecca Taylor, J Crew



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New on Ebay 08/12/2013

New on Ebay 08/12/2013

* Girl’s Reebok shoes size 12
* Fisher Price barn
* Girl’s shirts, Justice and Gymboree
* Men’s shirts, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger
* Women’s shirts, Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, Talbot’s
* Women’s pants, Talbot’s, Christopher & Banks
* Women’s jeans, Hudson, Silver, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger